This sounds like a question that should have been asked a lot of times all around SE, but I haven't found it. Since I'm trying to save a page from here I thought I'd start by asking this here.

There are some problems with File -> Save As ... in Firefox. For example, the hidden comments that become visible when you click "add / show # more comments" are not saved. Also, the page loses a lot of its formatting and becomes harder to read. I tried using the "mobile" version of the site, but these problems remain.

Is there a printer-friendly version of the site? How do I access it? What's the best way to save scicomp pages?

(I tagged this question feature-request because I don't think the "printer-friendly" functionality or an equivalent is present in the site. Maybe I just haven't found it.)


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Does the StackPrinter work for you?

Note: found this from this answer by searching on https://meta.stackoverflow.com/, which is apparently where we go for questions that have broad applicability across all of the StackExchange sites.


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