Are bioinformatics questions on-topic on this forum?

Or is there a .stackexchange forum more dedicated to bioinformatics?


I don't see a Stack Exchange site currently dedicated to bioinformatics. Bioinformatics should be on-topic here, since it is computational, and it shares some methods with statistics and machine learning. I think as long as the questions are more about computatjional methods and less about biology, it could work well. A challenge we face as an interdisciplinary community is getting enough experts to contribute both questions and answers when new topics come up. Computational chemistry is on-topic, for instance, but most of those questions have migrated to Chemistry Stack Exchange; you might try looking at Biology Stack Exchange to see if they have a community of bioinformaticians.


We accept bioinformatics questions in BiologySE given that they are not really about coding. See here. For coding stackoverflow would be the appropriate site.

You may also want to have a look at Biostars (which is modeled on SE 1.0 but not a part of stackexchange)

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