Often, people ask the same question on multiple StackExchange websites. While this might be sometimes fine (a question did not get enough attention, the posts are cross-linked, some time has passed from the initial question submission - see CS Discussion on Cross-posting), there are a lot of obvious cases when a question is asked simultaneously at all StackExchange websites.

I suggest adding as a standard closing reason.

Closing -> CrossPosting -> Enter a question link or numeric id


Closing -> Duplicate -> Enter a question link or numeric id and allow for non-CompScience links.

Example of CS question, for which one has to type a custom reasoning for off-topic for a question that is certainly crossposted to CS and SO.

Or does one has to flag such post in need of moderator attention?


I've never seen a feature of this type on any other SE site, and I don't think one exists at all. I think this is to encourage the OP's to modify their duplicate posts to fit the separate communities rather than to close such questions automatically. I can certainly inquire further about it, but I'm less than optimistic about it.


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