Often, people ask the same question on multiple StackExchange websites. While this might be sometimes fine (a question did not get enough attention, the posts are cross-linked, some time has passed from the initial question submission - see CS Discussion on Cross-posting), there are a lot of obvious cases when a question is asked simultaneously at all StackExchange websites.

I suggest adding as a standard closing reason.

Closing -> CrossPosting -> Enter a question link or numeric id


Closing -> Duplicate -> Enter a question link or numeric id and allow for non-CompScience links.

Example of CS question, for which one has to type a custom reasoning for off-topic for a question that is certainly crossposted to CS and SO.

Or does one has to flag such post in need of moderator attention?


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I've never seen a feature of this type on any other SE site, and I don't think one exists at all. I think this is to encourage the OP's to modify their duplicate posts to fit the separate communities rather than to close such questions automatically. I can certainly inquire further about it, but I'm less than optimistic about it.


In such situations, it is advised to flag the post for moderator attention explaining the situation and giving the links to the cross-posted copies.

Notice, that not all cross-posts are created equally. If the cross-posted question

  • searches for different inputs and point of views from different communities
  • did not get enough attention in other community (1 day is obviously too short)
  • contains links to the posts in other communities
  • has a paragraph that tailors the post for a certain input from Computational Science SE

then it might be a completely legitimate cross-post that deserves an equal amount of attention and quality control as any other question in Computational Science SE.

The general verbatim cross-post of exact copies is certainly not OK.

The questions that are cross-posted in the violation of policies of Computational Science SE will be closed by moderators with Needs details or clarity reason and comment underneath linking to this policy:

This question was identified to be posted at multiple Stack Exchange sites. Please, consult the Stack Exchange guidance regarding such posts and the discussion on Computational Science Meta. In short, avoid the verbatim copies of the same question to multiple Stack Exchange sites without tailoring it to search for specific input.

In general, consult General Meta guidance on cross-posting and in case of questions or difficult cases, bring up the discussion regarding a particular question to this Meta.

  • $\begingroup$ Both the guidance and text are up for discussion, as I took the liberty of formulating it myself based on the votes, comments here, and on general meta. $\endgroup$
    – Anton Menshov Mod
    Commented Jun 2, 2020 at 21:41

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