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Where do we want to draw the distinction between math questions and computational science questions?

There are some questions that deal with proofs that I'd say are pretty clearly computational science. For instance, the question The Lax-Milgram Lemma in FEM with non-homogenous Dirichlet BC seems ...
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How can I format mathematical expressions using MathJax?

Blatantly ripped off from chem.SE, this post is meant to help people understand how to use MathJax formatting of mathematical expressions here on Computational Science.
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7 votes
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What should be our answer to "what kind of questions can I ask here?"

Right now we have the following at the top of the FAQ: What kind of questions can I ask here? Computational Science - Stack Exchange is for for scientists doing science by heavy computations....
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What is our policy on ambiguous tags?

Initialisms (DFT, CFD, etc.) are common in Science and Computational Science, so naturally tags that are initialisms may represent two very different subjects. It would be helpful to sort out some ...
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Please use DOI addresses when linking to papers

If a paper you are linking to has an associated Digital Object Identifier (DOI), please use the address to link to it instead of the publisher's ...
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FAQ for scicomp.stackexchange

Inspired by this meta.math.stackoverflow question, I thought it would be useful to start a meta discussion about the contents of the eventual scicomp FAQ. As usual with a new stackexchange site, our ...
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2 answers

The FAQ should include a note about clarifying your terminology

This site will (I hope) attract people from a wide variety of technical disciplines. As a result, most of the users will have a well developed mathematical and scientific vocabulary. However, each ...
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So, what is the elevator pitch for the site?

Starting in the middle of 7 Essential Meta Questions of Every Beta: What's the brief pitch for what this site is all about? How can we describe the site in a way that will both describe its function ...
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