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MathOverflow is pretty well integrated at this point. I've enabled the fancier citation option on Computational Science: I notice the textbox overflows the popup. I'll check with a designer to see if we can get that fixed. I also added the link for including citations in answers: Notice something new? ;-)


Here's the guidance I've gotten from other mods in Stack Exchange so far: Edits of 400+ characters that are anonymous and substantially change the content of the post are auto-rejected. The typical vandalism edits don't meet that threshold; they're too short. One way to flag those edits for autorejection is to lengthen them. However, it still appears that ...


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We're seeing this everywhere on the network right now, and have systems in place to quickly block this as it surges. The problem is, it's coming from some very large distributed networks. The good news is, by the time a few have been rejected as spam, the system has been trained on them and they'll quickly be blocked. This data is shared across the network,...

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