Currently, I working on my Masters at Univeristy of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio. I am a principal developer in the simulator called Omni-FEM. The github link is: https://github.com/OmniFEM/Omni-FEM

I am also involved with a newly found research group called SCASE at the University. More information is provided in the github. WE are still setting everything up; however, we are open for collaboration. The goal for Omni-FEM is to create a completely open source Finite Element simulator that could rival COMSOL.

Scientific pursuit should not be limited by the amount of money you have. We want to enable even the smallest among us with the tools they need to discover something incredible.

My primary language is C++. However, I have had experience in C and C#. Some of the libraries I am going to be working with are as follows: Deal.II, Trilinios, SPICE, and more.

I am also involved with an R&D company called Resonance Group whose primary focus is to investigate technologies for alternative fuel.